Our Commitment to You

At Christchurch Budget Service (CBS)  we understand that approaching a stranger because you can’t afford to feed, house and clothe your children and yourself or manage debt and pay all your bills can be embarrassing.

We recognise that it takes remarkable courage to pick up the phone and call, text or email us.

That is why our independent services are private and strictly confidential. Absolutely no personal information is shared with the Government or its agencies.

CBS’s specialist Budget Advisers are not here to make judgements or to “tell you off”.  At CBS you are the centre of the universe.  CBS’s Budget Advisers’ role is to assist you by helping you to fully understand your financial situation, ensure that you are receiving all correct entitlements and that your creditors, landlords, financiers and bankers and Government Agencies are complying with the law.

CBS Budget advisors will ensure that you are informed of and clearly understand all options available to you and are able to accurately weigh up the risks relating to the choices you make. Once you have made an informed decision our Budget Advisers are there to help you prepare a financial plan for the future and then, if you choose, they can assist by supporting and encouraging you to stick to your plan.