About Us

Welcome to Christchurch Budget Service INC (CBS)
(Providing free services to the people of Canterbury for over 50 years.)

Charities Registration Number: CC11056
Incorporated Society Number 220446

CBS’s vision is a community where everyone is financially literate and has the ability to control their own financial future and lives with pride for themselves and their families

CBS’s specialist professional budget advisers work alongside working people including, employees, independent contractors, self-employed, casual agency workers and online traders/ businesses to enable them to establish and stick to realistic financial plans that include workable budgets and effective debt management strategies.

CBS also provides specialist services for superannuants, tertiary students and works alongside culturally and linguistically diverse communities to provide relavent and culturally competent budget advisory and financial literacy programmes for refugee and migrant populations.  

CBS is a genuinely independent agency that accepts people from all faiths and cultures. CBS is not part of, or aligned to any religious or political organisation.

CBS is private and confidential and is not contractually obliged to share clients’ private and personal information with Governmental agencies or anybody else without their say so.

Christchurch Budget Service adocates strongly when clients are unable to make themselves heard, or effectively make their case when individuals, private businesses, public institutions and community organisations are not following proper processes and or are acting unlawfully.